Reviews about Bolus electrolyte - effervescent tablet uses to draw up a sparkling isotonic rehydration solution

Reviews about Bolus electrolyte - effervescent tablet uses to draw up a sparkling isotonic rehydration solution

Reviews about Bolus electrolyte - effervescent tablet uses to draw up a sparkling isotonic rehydration solution,
produced by JFARM in Ostroleka

02.03.2015 issued by:
Dr hab Przemyslaw Sobiech, prof. UWM
Department of Internal Medicine with Clinic
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
UWM Olsztyn

Effervescent tablet - „Bolus Elektrolitowy” include:

  1. Sodium chloride

  2. Potassium chloride

  3. Sodium hydrocarbonate

  4. Glucose

  5. Lactose

  6. L- Glutamine

Dosage, packing, usage

Preparation is used as a solution derived from dissolving a single bolus in one liter of water with temperature. 37°C application two times a day for drinking for a period of from 1 to 3 days.

It is available as a bolus of 50 g.

The contents of the individual components and monitoring

In one bolus (50 g) is the amount of active ingredients:

Sodium – 2855 mg

Potassium- 710 mg

Chlorine – 2055 mg

Hydrocarbonate – 7000 mg

Lactose – 28500 mg

Glucose – 5800 mg

L-Glutamine – 800 mg

Production conditions of the preparation and its monitoring

The review of the production plant, presented certificates of quality and results of monitoring studies indicate that the production of the product, "Bolus elektrolitowy musujący" is carried out in conditions which compatible with the applicable requirements and regulations.


Components of the preparation for calves, piglets and foals "Bolus elektrolitowy" are the quality and carefully selected in terms of needs of animals and their prophylactic and therapeutic effect of the disorders associated with symptoms of diarrhea. The individual components of the preparation "Bolus elektrolitowy musujący" is protected from degradation and pollution, and its composition ensures durability of the structure and consistency and good digestibility for animals. Preparation “Bolus elektrolitowy musujący” perform the requirements in terms of security and marketing. This preparation is safe to use and doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment or animal welfare. Its packaging is correct, well-labeling and presented in accordance with obligatory legislation and technical recommendations.

Traceability preparation for calves, piglets and foals "Bolus elektrolitowy musujący" is guaranteed at all stages of production, processing and distribution. Labelling and presentation preparation is carried out properly. Clearly, clearly exposed the name of the product, the name of the production plant, number reference series, the net weight and the recipe. Labelling user does not introduce an error in the destination of, or the characteristics of the product. The required information on the labels are clearly visible on the package, container or label attached to them, possibly on a document accompanying the product. This information is legible and are not removable. They are shown in Polish and in the country to which the product will be exported. The product is introduce in packages or containers closed purpose mixed diet feed designed for use in animals purpose for food production.

Regarding the composition and operation of the preparation for calves, foals, piglets, and "Bolus elektrolitowy musujący" should be emphasized that the product is orally application to animals during diarrhea designed to eliminate electrolyte disorders, acid-base, to provide energy and facilitate the regeneration of damaged mucosa gastrointestinal tract.

Effervescent tablet "Bolus elektrolitowy " includes a number of ingredients, the most important action to minimize the harmful consequences of diarrhea demonstrate: sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride and potassium. Sodium bicarbonate is an extremely important component of the mixture acting alkalizing and leveling of disorders of acid-base balance manifested in animals with diarrhea occurrence of various degrees of metabolic acidosis.

Use in preparation "Bolus elektrolitowy " this component allows for quick and effective neutralization of emerging from diarrhea, metabolic acidosis, and is one of the basic conditions for effective therapy. The next formulation components that play a large role in normalizing deficiency arising in the course of diarrhea in animals are compounds of sodium and potassium in the form of chlorides.Supplementation of these ions is very important, as during diarrhea together with the increased number of stool output will occur in a substantial loss, which may result in disturbances in the systemic circulation and lead to a fatality. During the diarrhea comes to a negative energy balance of the body, it is therefore necessary to ensure proper administration of the energy supply - the role of these substances in this preparation complies with the addition of lactose and glucose. Lactose also stimulates the synthesis of the enzyme lactase, which determines the proper and continuous readiness of the digestive system to digest milk. A unique agent used in the formulation of "Bolus elektrolitowy musujący “is L-Glutamine - an amino acid essential to preserve the integrity of the intestinal mucosa. Glutamine also accelerates the regeneration of damaged during diarrhea and intestinal epithelium facilitates the transport of sodium ions through the intestinal mucosa in both physiological and pathological conditions.

Field trial

In order to evaluate the efficacy “Bolus elektrolitowy musujący” in the treatment of diseases with symptoms of diarrhea made field tested on calves. The study was performed on 30 calves, from farms established in the field of epidemiology in range of diarrhea calves (Cryptosporidium sp., Rotavirus, Coronavirus i Escherichia coli). All calves used in the experiment were between the ages of 7 to 21 days and showed symptoms of diarrhea for at least 3 days, the degree of dehydration does not exceed 10%, have kept sucking and were able to take the standing position, and the internal temperature is not lower than 38C. Calves were divided into two groups of 15 animals. Experimental group received 3 next days two times per day the test solution was obtained by dissolving the formulation bolus in 1 liter of water to drink, while the control group received orally two times a day, one liter of hypertonic solution NaCl (5%). All animals were keep in similar environmental conditions.

The calves used in the experiment were subjected to clinical observations for 5 next days. In the field of clinical parameters were monitored while the temperature inside, the number of respiratory and heart rate, the consistency of feces and the reaction of the sucking.

In the group of calves from the experimental group (receiving bolus electrolyte sparkle) cure rate was much higher, reaching up to 90% at a 55% cure rate of calves in the control group.

Severity of diarrhea in the experimental group was much smaller, its duration compared to the calves of the control group was also significantly less (mean 2.7 day at 4.2 days in the control group). Calves from the experimental group showed a faster improvement in appetite and significantly shorter recovery period. The obtained results of show clear evidence of efficacy "Bolus elektrolitowy musujący" in the treatment of diseases with symptoms of diarrhea in calves, which entitles you to an opinion in favor of this measure.

In conclusion, it is clear that:

  1. ingredients used in the manufacture of the preparation for calves, piglets and foals "Bolus elektrolitowy musujący" are appropriate and normal quality

  2. Information on the operation and the recommendations of the period of use of this product are appropriate and sufficient

  3. The content of sodium and potassium ions and substances alkalizing is suitable

  4. Application in the preparation of lactose and glucose allows the delivery of energy to the body with at the same time stimulation of the production of lactase and facilitating the digestion of milk consumed

  5. Additive formulation L-glutamine significantly accelerates the regeneration of during diarrhea intestinal epithelium and at the same time facilitate the absorption of sodium ions

  6. Conditions for the production and quality of the finished product is monitored and demonstrates correct sanitary and veterinary supervision

  7. All the conditions and actions taken at all stages of the preparation of the recipe, production preparation for calves, piglets and foals “Bolus elektrolitowy musujący” to ensure the health and welfare animals and indirectly public health is correct

  8. Preparation for calves, piglets and foals “Bolus elektrolitowy musujący” is a very good therapeutic means, as shown by research clinical and its use contribute to reducing the incidence of illnesses with symptoms of diarrhea and minimizes losses associated to the course